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Hi! I saw that you recently posted an FAQ regarding academic materials for the start of the school year. I'm a HS student and I recently developed an app called NoteSnap that helps students keep their notes organized, share them easily, and connect with students in their classrooms. You can download the app for iOS in the App Store. I'd love your feedback and/or the feedback of your followers! Thanks for your support!

let’s keep in contact and see what we can do

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In the movies section you should add Boyhood since we're teenagers we could easily relate with the character plus it's a really good movie

Will do!

The /r/teenagers FAQ Academic Resource Masterpost


This masterpost has links for various academic content, from studying to homework help to assistance on assignments.


As this is 12 pages long, we would say that the “Ctrl + F” keyboard shortcut is your friend.


If you have a link that’s not here (we’re in need of links for the non-American and IB sections), the link given is now behind a paywall (aka you have to pay to see everything) or any of the links are broken, please send a message to the /r/teenagers FAQ ask box.



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Motivation for the new school year


Every teenager feels pressured and scared. Trust me I’ve gone through high school like all of you at some point will. Sometimes you’ll feel sad, defeated, and that nobody cares. There will be times where you won’t know who to turn to because your trust has been broken and everyone seems distant. You won’t want to face your fears, cause sometimes they just bring you to tears. You’ll get your heart broken at some point, but that is part of life. Studying might seem impossible, procrastination won’t help, tests might be hard, but I dare you to socially and academically excel and surpass your peers.

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Post secondary options


We’ve all had that conversation, be it among our families or friends: “What are your plans after school?” For some of us, that question is really simple, we can answer with confidence and a smile; others struggle, what am I going to do after school? Should I further my education? If so, how should I do that? What if I wanna specialize, would trade school help? Maybe I should take a year off to figure myself out. What if college just isn’t for me?

Sometimes post secondary education isn’t for all of us, but we’re here to let you know that it isn’t the end of the world if that’s what your choice is! There’s a ton of options, all of which can be tailored to fit you and what plans you have for yourself.

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Time management skills to finish your work


We’ve all been there. The constant distractions, an inability to finish your work, the lack of organization. As Eminem so eloquently describes,”you lose yourself in the moment.” But we also have all faced deadlines and, unfortunately, they don’t go away if you procrastinate enough. So, how can you get all of your work done on time and manage to have some inkling of a life? To quote further, “you better own it” and here’s exactly how.

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